Monday, October 26, 2015

Some Citi Bike docking station details for the week

[File photo by Derek Berg]

An FYI gleaned via the Citi Bike Tumblr:

We will have some temporary challenges in the East Village due to construction projects. This will affect our normal valet schedule.

East Seventh Street and Avenue A:
• Docking station will be removed Monday 10/26 through Friday 10/30
• PM valet cancelled at this station and moved to East 10th Street and Avenue A (M-F from 7-10:30 PM)
• East 14th St and Avenue B will continue to operate valet service M-F from 7-11 PM through the winter

East Ninth Street and Avenue C:
• Removed Monday 10/26 for private construction
• Station should return in two weeks, but exact install date TBD

Updated 8:50 a.m.

Mike H. on East 9th Street shares this photo of workers loading up the docking station on Ninth and C...


Anonymous said...

Winter is right around the corner which means less Blue Demons on riding sidewalks. Funny, as cosmopolitan as these people think they're being riding bikes in a city, they do so (illegally) on the sidewalks suburban style.

IzF said...

I actually enjoy riding my bike more when it's cooler out because I don't have to deal so much with those people who don't know how to ride a bike on those Shittybank clunkers.

Anonymous said...

Funny -- The Village Voice just designated the 9th and C Citibike station the best in the city. They sure know how to pick a winner.

Citibike Rider said...

IzF, in defense of Citibike riders I will say that it oftentimes appears that they don't know how to ride a bike, but the fact is that the center of gravity on a Citibike is much lower to the ground, so they don't handle the way a non-Citibike does. Many time, seasoned riders look as if it's their first time on a bike when on a Citibike.

It makes sense, that they're weighted the way they are. They're designed to keep the bike upright.

nygrump said...

This is not green no matter how many reuseable water bottles the millenials use for drinking

Anonymous said...

I use Citibike more in the winter and keep my god bike stored away.