Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dan and John's Wings now open on 1st Avenue

[Photo last evening by EVG contributor Steven]

Dan and John's Wings opened their doors last night for business at 135 First Ave. between St. Mark's Place and East Ninth Street.

The two have been selling their wings at Smorgasburg, the outdoor food festival on weekends in Williamsburg and now in Coney Island.

Per their website:

When two friends from Buffalo found themselves in Brooklyn without authentic Buffalo wings, they decided to make their own. Using recipes they learned working in Buffalo bars and pizzerias, Dan and John bring Buffalo's legendary flavor to Brooklyn, New York.

You can find their menu.

The storefront previously housed sandwich specialist JoeDough, which closed in February 2014 after two-plus years.

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Dan and John's Wings opening a storefront on 1st Avenue


B said...

Love these guys

creature said...

I've heard really good things. I look forward to trying.

Anonymous said...

Wow, only took them four and a half months from putting up the sign to opening.

Anonymous said...

Joe Dough, now Dan and his buddy John--just a bunch of regular dudes trying to make it in the NYC food game. Good luck guys.

IzF said...

Wow, 3:07pm: I can feel the negativity seeping through my computer.

Anonymous said...

im sure theyre great. but isnt authentic buffalo wing sauce just franks and margarine?

Unknown said...

how many wings does one have to sell?
to be able to pay the monthly RENT ?
not to mention expenses like staff ,
inventory etc. etc.?
BUBBLE tea TOFUTI.biscuts?get real
unless you are pulling in 50 grand
and franchising ,you aint gonna
make it selling WINGS?

Scuba Diva said...

They have a vegan option…my heart skipped a beat for joy!

Anonymous said...

From 3:07 - not negativity, frustration! Such a long wait since I have not had decent wings since the demise of Nice Guy Eddies.

Anonymous said...

Remember when the neighborhood had restaurants, and not little kiosks selling one item: wings, dumplings, cookies, juice. It's like an 8 year-old's vision of fine dining.

Anonymous said...

October 25, 2015 at 4:34 PM

I'm pretty sure there are still restaurants. I went to 2 this weekend.

Anonymous said...

7:12: Real wings in Buffalo do not have sauce per se, the spices are more kind of baked in - I hope these are like that!

Anonymous said...

Their wings are a little pricey, but I'll give them a shot.