Friday, October 30, 2015

Le Petit Parisien opening soon on East 7th Street

Le Petit Parisien is a new French (duh) sandwich shop coming to East Seventh Street between Second Avenue and Cooper Square … don't know to much about them at this point. (Oh, they are hiring. The ads says that you must be able to work in the next few days.)

The space was previously home to Pilar Jewelry Repair, which closed in the spring when proprietor Pilar La Rosa's husband Walter passed away.

Photo yesterday by Derek Berg


Anonymous said...

I love French cuisine. I am also excited to see what seems like a distinctive spot on 7th. Can't wait to try their cool sandwiches. Places like this are what make the EV stand out.

Anonymous said...

Gorged myself silly on outrageously yummy sandwiches this past summer in the south of France. Fresh bread, cheese and veggies (non-GMO of course). Wonder if this place will be able to match the standard?

Anonymous said...

"don't know to much" TOO