Friday, October 2, 2015

Desire to panic shop wanes as Joaquin expects to head out to sea

[EVG file photo of Key Food]

From DNAinfo:

Forecasters are now predicting Hurricane Joaquin will veer offshore into the Atlantic and miss the city completely.

That means the five boroughs will barely get any Joaquin-related rain or wind — a huge improvement on the doomsday scenario city officials had been preparing for.

“It’s tracking far enough [away] we shouldn’t even see winds,” said National Weather Service spokeswoman Carlie Buccola.

Despite this, forecasters still predicted long lines at Trader Joe's just because it's the weekend and stuff.


Anonymous said...

Color me disappointed. As a grizzled survivor of Sandy I was so ready to put all the lessons I learned from that disaster to good use this weekend. I was going to not just survive, but thrive.

Anonymous said...

Now I am stuck with all this food that I don't need. What was I thinking???

Makeout said...

@ Anon 10:38- Got any Stove top stuffing? I'll be right over!

Anonymous said...

That photo captures a lot of what is wrong with modern life. If I looked at it for too long, I could weep.

Scuba Diva said...

We still have a can of kerosene from Sandy; we were able to fill all our oil lamps and it was better than camping. It helped that we still had gas and hot water.

ShutUpHooker said...

I remember how many of the newer younger trash in my building left after the first day of no lights... you'd think the younger ones would be hardier, but they must have felt lost with no internet/FB/selfies.
Dry ice kept most of the stuff in my fridge just fine and was able to cook for most those four days since gas wasn't cut off.
On a side note, people who do shit like pick up something to buy and leave it wherever are sad assholes; you literally have to walk the same aisles to the registers.

Anonymous said...

OK, fess up, who put all that chicken and meat in the cereal section?