Friday, October 9, 2015

EV Grieve Etc.: An Other Music appreciation; an update on Metrograph Cinema

[Photo on 2nd Avenue Wednesday by Derek Berg]

Update on the Metrograph Cinema, coming in early 2016 to Ludlow Street (BoweryBoogie)

City to spend $1 million on ads promoting rent freeze on stabilized units (The New York Times)

City renovating two former East Village squats (The Villager)

Praise for Bruno Pizza on East 13th Street (Gothamist)

More on building a mesh network in the neighborhood (New York Business Journal)

An appreciation for Other Music on East Fourth Street (Flaming Pablum)

Now on display at the Dorian Grey Gallery on East Ninth Street: Paul Benney-Louis Renzoni with Ecliptic (Dorian Grey Gallery)

More about The Garret Bar, which recently opened on Avenue A (WWD)

Live music at the Hester Fair tomorrow (The Lo-Down)

NYU students say university hasn't been paying student employees (The Village Voice)

Coming Oct. 17: A John Zorn benefit concert as part of a Harry Smith celebration (Anthology Film Archives)

RIP Chantal Akerman, director of the great NYC film "News From Home" (Dangerous Minds)

McNally Jackson Books is opening a location with cafe at the South Street Seaport (DNAinfo)

Pizza Rat battle (Eater)

...and Ichimi Cosme, specializing in Japanese/Korean skincare products, has opened at 318 E. Ninth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue...

[Photo by Steven]

... and a lunchtime photo from Tompkins Square Park yesterday by Bobby Williams...


Edmund Dunn said...

NYU Tisch dance students outside the old Fillmore East. Deadheads? Who knew.

Anonymous said...

Three girls dancing to the music in one girl's headphones. Yay!

Anonymous said...

ZOMG free checking accounts! Woot-woot!!! Dance party!!!

Anonymous said...

great hawk pic, bw!


Anonymous said...

“The through current is that they [both] feel like somebody’s home,” says Fulton. “It’s the same individual, they are well-traveled and well-read. It’s a place to hang out, have a good time and have good conversation.” According to the owners of the Garret East.

They have been open for about two weeks and unless bros and bras suddenly read, travel and have suddenly learned to speak in more then a grunt and a shrill squeak I am not sure what the hell they are talking about. These guys claims the same shit as everyone else, a more sophisticated upscale crowd. Give me a break this is freakin North Ave A - Bourbon Street and the Vegas strip draw a more sophisticated crowd.

Anonymous said...

City renovating two former East Village squats (The Villager)"

This is from vote records for land use listed on the CB 3 wed-site- July,2015:
"Whereas, Community Board 3 supports the rights of the tenants to purchase their units, however,
Therefore, be it resolved that although CB3 vigorously supports the eventual conversion of these buildings into permanently affordable, tenant-owned co-ops, it opposes this inclusionary housing plan in its current form because of lack of transparency and concern regarding the unknown developer who will buy the inclusionary bonus and concern regarding the unknown location for developing the inclusionary bonus units."

Good to see that CB 3 did the right thing here by seeing right through this scam to line the pockets of a private developer by giving him access to valuable air rights that he can sell as well as an undisclosed property or piece of land to build yet more housing for the rich and beautiful. The argument that this is the only mechanism to prevent these properties from being sold to a private developer to build lux housing is a complete red herring. There are plenty of skilled not-for-profit affordable housing developers, some who have already developed properties in the East village who could renovate these buildings and create true affordable housing to a community that desperately needs it while giving an opportunity to the current squatters to remain in their homes. Neither HPD nor the squaters seem to have explored this option. This whole deal appears to have been orchestrated by Isabel Dawson to benefit herself and the members of her family. Good to see the folks at land use were willing to make the right decision and not buy into the same argument that former chair David McWater made to jam the horrible SPURA deal down the throats of the community. Had he remained the chair of land use, he would have surely tried to force this through.