Saturday, October 3, 2015

Replacing and extending some water mains on the Bowery

Meant to note last week the start of the water main upgrade on the Bowery between East Fourth Street and Great Jones …

Tried to find a completion date for this via the DDC website… came up with this… a June 2019 timeline.

That's probably for the entire Bowery project (though it is conceivable that it could take the city three-plus years just for this block) … the DDC map shows the extension/replacement work going down to Canal.


Amanda Burden-Christ said...

Not to worry! To make up for this unsightly inconvenience, I will gift to you one of my world class cement pedestrian seating islands, complete with seating that holds your iPhone for you! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that 50-100 years from now when Manhattan is under water that the people will have plenty of nice fresh drinkng water.

DrBOP said...

Why does this post feel so right with a "3 Blind Mice" soundtrack?

Anonymous said...

Why is the similar looking project on the west side of the Bowery north of 4th St. taking so long? The street there is plug ugly.
When the criminal entity known as mcgubment does one of these things, it takes forever and a day to complete. The private sector would do it faster and for less money.
And speaking of mcguyberment spending, check out the article in Bloomberg Businessweek in the current issue, "Why Washington Pays Extra for Shoddy Work," p. 32. Your tax $ going down the drain.


"The world's population is gradually dividing into two types--Anarchists and criminals." Benjamin R. Tucker

"So ask yourself a question, punk. Are you an anarchist or a criminal?" What Clint Eastwood should have said.

Goggla said...

This intersection has been part of my daily work commute for the last decade and I don't remember a time when the street wasn't torn up. Ten years to replace pipes???