Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Reports: Contractor under investigation for 2nd Avenue explosion guilty in unrelated bribery case

According to published reports, contractor Dilber Kukic pleaded guilty today of felony bribery in a case involving two buildings he owns on West 173rd Street.

He reportedly admitted to paying an undercover investigator $600 last year to dismiss building violations at the properties. In admitting to the charges, he received three years probation, 200 hours of community service and a $4,000 fine.

Per the Daily News:

Kukic's lawyer Mark Bederow said he believed prosecutors refused to offer his client a misdemeanor deal, like they had for other defendants, because of his ties to the March blast on Second Ave., in which authorities were probing whether a rigged gas line was the cause of the deadly inferno which leveled two buildings.
Per the Post:

Investigators are looking at potential murder charges and Kukic and five others are the prime suspects, the Post exclusively reported in April.

“Although [this case] has nothing at all to do with the terrible accident in the East Village, the district attorney sought to punish him for that,” said Bederow.

Kukic is cooperating with the investigation into the explosion, the lawyer said.


Anonymous said...

That's a weak punishment.

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

In the end, whether or not Kukic faces murder charges, he should never work in NYC as a contractor again. At the very least. How many more lives/buildings at risk? ALL FOR GREED.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't he in jail?