Friday, February 6, 2009

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning edition (updated)

Cover your eyes: Daniel Maurer takes a look at the new-look Holland. We expected it to be cleaner and what not, but a fucking MP3 juke? (Grub Street)

RIP Stefan Lutak; opened the Holiday in 1965 (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

Google Maps still thinks CBGB is open (BoweryBoogie)

Bloomy's order inviting illegal development? (Save the Lower East Side!)

The Rhum Rhum Room is real (NY Barfly)

PS 64 still for rent (The Villager)

Whaa?: 76-year-old Ray of Ray's Candy Store turned down for Social Security (Scoopy's Notebook, fourth item)

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