Friday, October 15, 2021

Night Market is a place for artists to meet in Tompkins Square Park on Friday evenings

Artist-proprietor Lori Der Hagopian, who operated the matchbox-sized gallery The Stand on Avenue C and Seventh Street, is launching a new project. 

Starting tonight at 6, she's presenting Night Market in Tompkins Square Park. She's inviting artists to bring their materials (as well as a blanket and flashlight) and meet at Tompkins Square Park — the entrance on Avenue A at St. Mark's Place. 

Weather permitting, she plans to host these gatherings tonight through Dec. 17... and start them back up again in the spring. 

The Stand (2012-2019) was a unique venture, a pop-up gallery and performance space featuring work by mostly unknown artists. You never knew exactly what you'd find there on a given weekend night.


VH McKenzie said...

Mmm, so we meet with blankets, flashlights, and "materials" and then what happens exactly?
Very curious!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cool Idea!

Ronnie said...

blankets, flashlights and rats Oh My