Monday, July 17, 2023

On the CB3-SLA docket: A new home for the Boiler Room; a pizzeria for Avenue B

Photos by Stacie Joy

Here's a look at a few applicants who will appear before Community Board 3's SLA committee this evening. (See below for info on watching online — or in person.) 

 • Lollo Ristorante, Pizzeria & Bar (Lollo LLC), 27 Ave B (op) 

We mentioned this pending arrival back in April.

A group of partners originally from Northern Italy are behind the new establishment, Lollo Italian Restaurant. (Lollo is short for Lorenzo, the chef and one of the partners.) 

They are taking over the former Solo Pizza space between Second Street and Third Street. Solo closed last September after 15 years in business courtesy of a rent hike.

Application here. (PDF)

• Cozy Cafe (Cozy Cafe Corp), 43 E 1st St (upgrade to op) 

The hookah bar is looking to upgrade its liquor license. Application here.

• The Boiler Room 45 (JBMT Tavern Corp), 45 2nd Ave (op) 

After a two-plus-year court battle over pandemic-related back rent payments, the Boiler Room will leave its home of 34 years at 86 E. Fourth St. near Second Avenue later this year. 

Ownership has signed a lease for a space at 45 Second Ave. between Second Street and Third Street, previously home to the Moroccan specialty shop Timbuktu.

Read our post about the Boiler Room's upcoming closure at this link. Find their application here.

• San Marzano (Evir Corp), 117 2nd Ave (upgrade to op) 

The 11-year-old brunch-and-pasta spot on Seventh Street and Second Avenue wants to upgrade its liquor license. Application here

Items not heard at Committee 
• Dora's Restaurant (Galvan Restaurant LLC), 40 Ave B (wb) 

Dora's Restaurant received administrative approval to serve beer and wine with its "ceviche fusion cuisine."

Dora's daily hours will be 3-11 p.m., per its questionnaire

The restaurant takes over the space from El Carnavalwhich CB3 accused of serving liquor without a license in the summer of 2021.

• Nine Cases (Nine Cases LLC), 86 E 3rd St (wb) 

Nine Cases is a new Mediterranean wine bar slated for this block between First Avenue and Second Avenue. (This small space was Uminoie, the Japanese restaurant that closed during the pandemic.)

Find the application, which includes a sample menu, at this link.

• Orpheum Theatre (Orpheum Live LLC), 126 2nd Ave (wb) 

One day you'll be able to have a beer or glass of wine before a show at the Orpheum (or maybe during intermission — if there is one).

• Sip and Co East Village (Proper Cafe Management LLC), 433 E 9th St (wb) 

Codetta is the name of a new coffee shop-cafe coming soon to this storefront between Avenue A and First Avenue.

The application describes the method of operation as a coffee shop by day offering cafe fare and a wine bar "serving small bites" in the evening.

The principal here is also behind Hard to Explain, the Japanese coffee shop-wine-beer-sake bar on 10th Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue. 

The address was previously Westville Bakery... and Superiority Burger used the space afterward.


Tonight's meeting starts at 6:30. Find the Zoom link at this link.

This is a hybrid meeting, and there is limited seating available for the public — the first 15 people who show up at the Community Board 3 Office, 59 E. Fourth St. between Second Avenue and the Bowery.


Anonymous said...

Go Boiler Room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I live on the block and was sad to see Uminoie go after all these years. Those ladies were great. I am excited for the new tapas wine bar. What does it mean “items not heard at committee “? Does it mean the applicants have to wait until the next meeting to present their application again? And if so why? I hope these new people are processed quickly.

Grieve said...

Hi 3:38,

It means that based on the applicant's method of operation, they don't need to appear before the entire committee... and have received administrative approval. This will happen with applicants just seeking a beer-wine license with modest hours in spaces that have previously had a licensed establishment. This also cuts down on marathon community board meetings.

Perfume junkie said...

Thanks, EVG. I was able to join the meeting and voice my concerns. Ave B between 2 and 3rd streets is becoming Bourbon street. Rowdy bars with blaring music. I, like other neighbors, are so worried about Joey Batts opening up there. They're known to have outdoor dj's and loud parties on the street. We should say NO to more bars/restaurants on Ave B. We have enough.

Anonymous said...

So you spoke out against a pizza shop that wants to serve beer replacing another pizza shop that wants to serve beer? Cool, Perfume Junkie, hope you’re working on something to add to the neighborhood and replace a vacancy.

Anonymous said...

Vacancy obsession for trolls. A continued phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to one of the owners yesterday - super friendly and he says they hope to be open next month.

Anonymous said...

I still miss the delicious grandma slice at Solo pizza

Anonymous said...

@perfume junkie there are more than 4 empty store fronts on Ave b between 3rd and 4th. Maybe you prefer them to stay empty but I don’t. I’d like a New York with businesses and people please! And I lived in New Orleans for many years and this isn’t bourbon street I promise ;) the street is always relatively quiet here by midnight (and yes I live on this street)