Monday, November 20, 2023

Apartment fire temporarily shutters Scarr's Pizza on the Lower East Side

A fire on Friday in an apartment directly above Scarr's Pizza has temporarily closed the popular pizzeria on Orchard Street.

Paper-plate signage on the front door breaks the news to patrons...
There weren't any reports of injuries (or the cause, for that matter) ... only one window in the building just below Hester is currently boarded up. There also weren't any posted vacant notices on the front door to the residences. So hopefully the damage isn't too extensive. 

You can keep tabs on the Scarr's Instagram account for updates

This past summer, Scarr Pimentel moved to this larger space from across Orchard. 

Scarr's is usually in the conversation for NYC's best pizza accolades (here and here)... in April, Pete Wells at the Times included Scarr's in his list of NYC's 100 best places to eat.

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