Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Openings: Potenza Centrale on Avenue B

Photos and reporting by Stacie Joy 

Luigi Iasilli debuted Potenza Centrale, his pizza-focaccia takeout spot, last Tuesday at 38 Avenue B near Third Street (arrival first reported here). 

This is despite the fact Con Ed had to shut off gas to the building earlier this fall. Luigi says it will probably be months (lousy news for neighbor Asian Taste) before it's restored.

He explains that he's waiting on Con Ed and the fire department to sign off on the work so gas can be restored. In the interim, he's using electricity to cook.
Menu items include the unusual purple potato focaccia...
Coming soon: an eggplant parm dish and fresh pasta to make at home. 

Also, I have it on good authority that if you ask Luigi, he will sell you some of his famed, highly hydrated, and fermented dough so you can try your hand at pizza at home. 

Fresh mozzarella made in-house and housemade sauce are also available. 
Luigi was the owner of the well-liked Max restaurant, which closed 10 years ago at 51 Avenue B,

Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, with a 1 a.m. close Friday and Saturday.

You can follow them on Instagram here.


FilmBikerChic said...

I loved the Max Restaurant! I look forward to stopping by Potenza Centrale soon.

Neighbor said...

These absurd ConEd-driven delays in gas access make no sense. How on earth can it take so long? No wonder these small businesses have such a hard time. Wishing Luigi the best