Wednesday, November 15, 2023

ICYMI: Flaco is backo on the Upper East Side

After nearly eight-plus days of a downtown sojourn, Flaco — the only Eurasian eagle owl in the wild in North America — has returned to his usual confines around Central Park. 

There were rumors of a Central Park return yesterday... and the @BirdCentralPark X account was able to confirm the sightings later.

Flaco was first spotted in the East Village on Nov. 6 at the Kenkeleba House Garden off Avenue B and Third Street. He was seen multiple times over the next few days here and on the Lower East Side... even inspiring some we've-been-there-too poetry.

H/T Steven


Anonymous said...

It has been reported that Falco is flying around looking for a mate. Good luck to him I hope he finds a suitable female Owl. He probably has a better chance in Central Park than in the East Village.

Trixie said...

It was so nice having him here for a visit!