Monday, November 13, 2023

Report of an assault on 14th Street and Avenue B

Photos by Vinny & O 

There are reports of a mid-afternoon assault on 14th Street and Avenue B. 

Avenue B is currently blocked off between 13th Street and 14th Street, and police put up crime-scene tape...
There isn't much information available at the moment. The last update on the Citizen app, from 3:43 p.m., notes the following: "Officers advise both parties involved in this incident are at different area hospitals, thus why they do not yet know much more than that an assault occurred." 

We'll update when/if more information becomes available.


Anonymous said...

There were two dudes kicking another guy on the ground, close to the barber shop, west side of street. There had been a lot of yelling beforehand, at the intersection of 14th & B but no idea it would lead to this. I had a small child with me so we didn't stick around since we saw someone on the phone with 911 right when the assault started. When we crossed 14th st, the SE corner had blood on it so they must have already assaulted him before crossing again to the west side.

Anonymous said...

Please give us an update when you find out more. I pass by this intersection with my young child all the time and there's a big difference if this is some altercation between people who knew each other or just random thugs going to down on an innocent bystander.

Speaking of: Can't stand Eric Adams, but wasn't his NYPD background supposed to bring back some policing? It feels lawless out on 14th street half the days.

Anonymous said...

How come there are never and I mean never any police on patrol on the street.? The only time you see them is if there is a dignitary or a demonstration. Beat cops used to be a thing and now there are none .

Anonymous said...

Beat cops were extincted together with the dinosaurs millions years ago.
NYPD is functioning pretty well under Adams, they can't be everywhere anytime all at once.