Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Report: East Village home with the Cape Cod-style cottage on its rooftop is in contract, dammit

Image via DroneHub Media 

Halt the fundraisers. 

The penthouse unit at 72 E. First St. — aka The Minthorne House — at First Avenue with the Cape Cod-style cottage on its rooftop is in contract after a mere two weeks on the market.

Jennifer Gould at the Post reports the price is close to $10 million (it had a $9.75 million ask).

Per Gould: "The sources add that the forthcoming owners are a local family."

That narrows it down!

One of the most unique East Village homes sold in the summer of 2017 for $3.5 million. Until then, Gale Barrett Shrady was reportedly the owner. The cottage addition was the handiwork of her late husband, artist Henry Merwin Shrady III. She called the charming cottage a "magical little spot" that served as her son's bedroom through college.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I was hoping they could wait until I checked my lottery numbers.

Anonymous said...

Astonishing to see that much appreciation in 7 yrs. Let’s hope the new owners don’t decide to wreck it.

Anonymous said...

They overpaid !!!!

thinkkaz said...

Kieran Caulkin and his family?

Anonymous said...

Was this inspired by the cottage on top of Kiehl’s building?