Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Kōbo by Nai has not been open lately

Kōbo by Nai has been dark the past few weeks at 202 Avenue A between 12th Street and 13th Street.

There isn't any notice of a temporary or permanent closure on the storefront or online. The Mediterranean restaurant no longer accepts reservations, and Kōbo has been removed from the main Nai website

Meanwhile, someone looks to be packing up the interior...
The restaurant opened in late 2022. This is the second establishment from Chef Ruben Rodriguez to close in the East Village in recent months, following Emilia by Nai on First Avenue.

Rodriguez still operates the original Nai at 84 Second Ave. near Fifth Street and Bad Hombre at 29 Second Ave. 

Also on the block, Borrachito Taqueria & Spirits will not reopen at 206 Avenue A. It has been dark since January. Someone painted the marquee and added Bar TBA on March 30. (Thanks to EVG reader Joe for this photo from March.)


MTA614 said...

Kobo looks nice inside, but I think they picked the wrong concept for the wrong neighborhood. It seems much more like something you'd see in the West Village or in Gramercy rather than the EV and something about the front glass window facade and that they were rarely packed made it unappealing to go in and feel like you were sitting in a fishbowl. Moreover, the naming and interior design gave off heavy Japanese vibes, so I'm surprised to see this is Mediterranean at all.

As for Borrachito, bummer. I enjoyed their food, though I had missed when the Garret was more accessible and didn't have that faux speakeasy thing going on. It'd be nice to see a real cocktail bar in the EV again now that Pouring Ribbons is gone; the current crop of bars opening all seem aimed at the new grads segment that likes everything sweet, loud, and colorful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on Borrachito/Garrett East. Have been wondering where coverage of that saga has been! They closed abruptly, and their leftover outdoor seating was housing for the homeless for a while before being torn down.