Tuesday, May 7, 2024

New applicants for Lucy's withdraw for this month

Anyone curious about the future of Lucy's at 135 Avenue A will have to wait at least another month.

Reps for the owners of Golden Age Hospitality, whose portfolio includes buzzy establishments like Le Dive, The Nines and Deux Chats, seek to take over Lucy's, the decades-old East Village favorite that has been closed since late November. 

As noted last week, Golden Age reps were on Community Board 3's SLA committee meeting docket for May 13. 

However, they have withdrawn their application...
This is not uncommon and can mean anything from the paperwork not being in yet to the applicant still negotiating a lease. (We do not know the reason here.) 

Several tipsters have told us that Golden Age Hospitality's Jon Neidich was a big fan of Lucy's and was interested in buying the bar. (We're told Neidich once lived in the apartments above the bar at 135 Avenue A between St. Mark's Place and Ninth Street.)

During several conversations in February, Ludwika "Lucy" Mickevicius told EVG contributor Stacie Joy that she had many potential suitors for the bar and may have a role in the new incarnation. 

Neidich did not respond to previous emails about taking over Lucy's. We also contacted Golden Hospitality partner Craig Atlas, whose name appears on the CB3 application. A rep for Golden Hospitality responded last week and said they don't have anything else to share about the application right now.

As we first reported, attorneys for the building's new landlord served her with a 30-day Notice of Termination in early February with a demand to vacate the space by the end of the month. 

Her lease expired in May 2015, and she was on a month-to-month arrangement with the previous landlord. Lucy told us that her last rent was $8,000 per month, and the new landlord, as of late December (West Lake 135-139 Avenue A LLC), is asking for $25,000, though there might be some willingness to negotiate. 

The bar (aka Blanche's Lucy's Tavern) has been closed since November when some paperwork issues forced what was to be a temporary closure.

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Anonymous said...

International has been closed for a month now, too

Anonymous said...

Total d bags who have this “le dive” they are ruining that part of LES

Anonymous said...

Le dive caters to a certain crowd, but it is reasonably managed. Not my thing.

Anonymous said...

Le Dive wouldn't be such a nightmare if the city didn't let the just take over the street and have their own block party of tourists and fashionistas everyday. Things like that REALLY affect a neighborhood. DOT shouldn't be in charge of that. What gives them the right? The pandemic? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Le dive is located on open streets, so they have outside seating like many of the other places on canal st. It certainly isn’t a lucy’s crowd.