Tuesday, May 7, 2024

On 3rd Avenue, Cutlets and the world's narrowest weed shop have closed

A for-lease sign hangs on the storefront at 99 Third Ave., marking the official end of Cutlets here between 12th Street and 13th Street. 

Richard Zaro of Zaro's Family Bakery was behind this quick-serve deli concept that touted "quality sandwiches made with premium ingredients." And they were pretty good. 

Cutlets launched as a delivery-only business in July 2020, expanding into a Flatiron District pop-up in late 2020 ... before opening a flagship location on West 35th Street. The EV location debuted on Dec. 1, 2021. (There was a Cutlets opening on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, but those plans were squashed.) 


Anonymous said...

Cutlets was run very poorly. Their online ordering system was a mess. You could order & when you showed up, they didn't have your order. And after a few episodes of intestinal distress that were clearly connected to having eaten a Cutlets sandwich for dinner, that was the last straw for my household (more than a year ago).

Impression we got was that the Zaro's guy didn't seem too interested; Cutlets had a "Grade Pending" sign for several years, even though it seems clear that a member of the Zaro's family would know how to get an inspection done to get a better grade from the Health Dept., but no one there seemed to actually care.

Cutlets started strong when it was new, but eventually it seemed like a hobby that someone had become tired of, or bored with.

Anonymous said...

Hhhmmmm. That Tommy Cutlets guy , has been QB from the NY Giants can move right in

Anonymous said...

I was a regular here, and found they had pretty good sandwiches. Never had an issue ordering. I will say, in recent months, the volume of people going died down. Early on, there was always a crowd inside and lots of deliveries being picked up. In the last few weeks of its existence, I noticed I was literally one of maybe two orders waiting when I'd go in.


I agree with 7:15AM, had a similar experience with ordering and picking up. And then the sandwiches were too small and therefore nothing special.

Anonymous said...

This seemed to have been launched from the beginning with the hope of replicating it into some chainlet. More marketing than substance, lots of slogans, workers in uniforms, etc. But a decent sandwich. Now, please bring back 99 Miles to Philly

Queef_McGee said...

Cutlets used to be amazing and then inflation hit. Sandwiches got smaller and prices went way up. SO odd because they were so good in the beginning.