Sunday, June 23, 2024

Weathering the heatwave

The heatwave continues in the NYC metropolitan area (and the Northeast U.S.).  

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory until 8 tonight, with the heat index expected to hit 100 in the city. 

Cooling centers are open across the city, including today, though the options are limited with the usual Sunday closure of the Tompkins Square and Ottendorfer library branches. You can find cooling centers via this link. (Most of the options are for senior residents.)

There are also 45 NYC public schools open today for residents, though the closest to the East Village are on Division and Monroe streets. Find the list here

A city news bulletin notes: "New Yorkers should also take advantage of additional cool options such as museums, movie theaters, coffee shops, or a neighbor, friend, or family member's home."

Another viable option is a shopping trip to Key Food on Avenue A and Fourth Street, where the temps seem to be in the single digits. 

Meanwhile, thunderstorms may happen later this afternoon and early evening...
Some relief is on the way...

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Anonymous said...

I did the Key Food thing. Did some laps around the perimeter aisles a couple of times. Felt great!