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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Remembering LES Jewels on the anniversary of his death

[Photo via EVG reader Lilly]

LES Jewels died one year ago today.

And there are at least two makeshift memorials dedicated to him — one at the entrance to Tompkins Square Park on East Seventh Street and Avenue A … and one in front of the former 7-Eleven on St. Mark's Place…

On the morning of Sept. 14, 2013, Jewels was found unconscious on Avenue A at East Ninth Street. He reportedly died a short time later at Beth Israel.

The medical examiner's office said his cause of death was "blunt injuries of head" … however, "the manner of death is undetermined."

Jewels, aka Joel Pakela, was 43.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

37 St. Mark's Place is cleaner, still for rent

[Photo via EVG reader Patrick Reynolds]

We recently noticed workers cleaning up the empty retail spaces at 37 St. Mark's Place at Second Avenue. Workers even removed the "for lease" signs.

Perhaps there was a new retail tenant for the storefronts that previously housed a 7-Eleven, among other businesses.

Apparently a false alarm. The signs returned on Friday. The now spiffed-up space is still for lease.

The clean look didn't last long. Overnight Friday, someone left a tribute to LES Jewels outside the former 7-Eleven…

Meanwhile, work continues on the corner space… soon to be home to DF Mavens, a dairy-free ice cream shop

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

'Good morning sunshine'

Those were the words of a chipper EMT upon coming across an unresponsive L.E.S. Jewels on the corner of Avenue A and East Fourth Street. As multiple readers noted, Engine Company 28 and two ambulances arrived on the scene around 11 a.m.

The EMTs told onlookers that LES Jewels was fine. "He's OK, he's OK," one said.

Afterwards, Jewels' corner companion urinated on the sidewalk.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

L.E.S. Jewels returns to Tompkins Square Park

In April, as Bob Arihood reported Joel Pakela, a.k.a., L.E.S Jewels, was arrested and charged for assault and resisting arrest. He was sentenced in early summer, and since then, has been staying in the Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC) at Rikers. He was released yesterday... and as this photo by Bob from shows, he has returned to Tompkins Square Park ... where some people are curious about what kind of reception he receives.