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Monday, October 9, 2017

A barber shop coming to 4th Street

Signage is up for the incoming tenant at 199 E. Fourth St. — B&H Barber Shop.

The retail space here between Avenue A and Avenue B was previously the Eye Beauty Spa, which closed during the summer after 15 months in business. And before this, it was Salon Champu.

As previously noted, this building was one of six on Fourth Street that the Kushner Companies bought for $49 million from Ben Shaoul’s Magnum Real Estate Group and Meadow Partners back in 2013.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Another barber shop for Avenue A?

A tipster tells us that a barber shop is opening at 115 Avenue A between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place.

Work permits on file with the city show a business name of Bonefade Barbers.

If true, then this will be a competitive area for barbers. There is Ben's Barbers at 217 Avenue A between 13th Street and 14th Street and Three Seat Espresso & Barber at 137 Avenue A between St. Mark's and Ninth Street. There are three barbers/salons on Seventh Street between Avenue A and First Avenue, Ace of Cuts on Sixth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B, and Neighborhood Barbers at 439 E. Ninth St between Avenue A and First Avenue. Probably among others.

The space was last home to a sales office for Blink Fitness. The last full-time tenant at No. 115, the gift shop Alphabets, closed here in February 2014, merging with their newly opened location at 64 Avenue A between Fifth Street and Fourth Street.

Also on the topic of new barbers... Best Barber has opened at 228 Avenue B between 13th Street and 14th Street...

They also have a location on 10th Avenue.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A barber shop is coming soon to East 2nd Street

The signage recently arrived here at 174 E. Second St. between Avenue A and Avenue B… in one of the long-empty storefronts. Don't have any info about the place at the moment. The sign reads "Cut. Shave. Care."

This is the first retail tenant to take a space here since Jared Kushner bought 170-174 E. Second St. in December 2013.

Previously on EV Grieve:
'Most uses considered' for 3 retail spaces at Kushner's 170 E. 2nd St.

Residents continue to speak out about living conditions in Jared Kushner's 170-174 E. 2nd St.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Normal business opening on Seventh Street

Between Avenue A and First Avenue. There has to be a catch. So, for $695, you get a haircut AND a whole hog dinner with all-you-can-drink craft beer? Your hair is treated with black truffle oil and (old vines) sherry first? This can't just be a barber shop, right?

Anyway, as far as we know, it's just a barber shop.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where's Ben from Neighborhood Barbers?

A reader sends along an email with news that Ben has quit his chair at Neighborhood Barbers on East Ninth Street for a new job. The other barbers won't provide any forwarding information, and the resident would like to find Ben, who has been his longtime barber... Anyone?

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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Pipeline 29 checks in with this report on the new Freeman's Barber Shop in the West Village:

With its manly nautical theme, chalkboard, and vintage chairs, the men's hair salon is a favorite of the fashion set and any red-blooded male who wants a shave and a trim without a side of pretense. Now Westsiders won't have to travel to the Lower East Side to look sharp. On Tuesday, we got a first-hand look at the new FSC Barbershop on Horatio near 8th Avenue in the West Village. Like it's Freeman's Alley counterpart, the West Side shop oozes dude. This location, however, has a smoother, sleeker aesthetic to go with it's new, more upscale surroundings—white tile replaces beadboard, smoked-glass fixtures replace raw bulbs. Says co-owner Sam Buffa, "What we're hoping for in this location is to open up earlier in the morning 'cause all the guys in the East Village get up at like noon which is definitely different over here. There are a lot of families over here, a lot of businesses and a lot of kids. One of my favorite things that I saw when we opened up the other barbershop was when we had an eight year old and a 70 year old getting cuts right next to each other. This place isn't just for hipsters or anything like that. We'd like to think it's for everyone."

Well, if that's too downmarket for you, there's always the new salon in the Plaza. As Vanity Fair reported earlier this month:

Less than a week before the flagship Warren-Tricomi salon opened at the recently revamped Plaza Hotel, in Manhattan, hairstyling veterans Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi were sitting at a round table underneath the crystal chandlers in the hotel’s lobby. “We are in the lap of luxury here,” Warren said, the coloring yin to Tricomi’s cutting yang, “and we wanted to create a space that was geared towards our clients.”
Their loyal followers (jet-setters, boldface names, editors, you name it) tend to be a discerning bunch, so the hair pair wanted the salon environment to be—forgive the ladies-who-lunch parlance—beyond.
“We really wanted it to be the most luxurious experience possible,” Warren says.

Oh, and it's a 6,100-square-foot space with a VIP room with a special entrance.

I miss Mr. Yury, who used to cut my hair on 7th Street. One day he was just gone, though other barbers on his old shop.