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Sunday, March 31, 2019


The Hells Angels get the tabloid treatment today over at the Post... giving the bikers the wood about their move away from Third Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

To the article:

“We’re being harassed by the yuppies down here [who are] sitting on our bikes and pissing on the sidewalk,” griped one burly biker outside the infamous motorcycle gang’s clubhouse at 77 E. Third St., which has been sold and mostly cleaned out.

“When the neighborhood was s–t, nobody minded us because we kept the place clean,” the biker, Tony, continued. “It comes a point where it’s useless to be down here because of the harassment. [We want to] go somewhere we can live comfortably.”

Tony, who once lived in the HQ and is now homeless, turned up at the all-but-abandoned bunker last week for a meeting with the building’s buyer, Nathan Blatter of Whitestone Realty.

Blatter told the tabloid that a deal hasn't been finalized yet.

And where will the members go? Per the Post: "The gang hopes to relocate to a neighborhood where they won’t be bothered by Starbucks traffic, pushy tourists and nosy cops."

The Hells Angels have had a presence on Third Street since 1969. They eventually bought the six-floor building, which includes their clubhouse and member residences, from Birdie Ruderman in the Bronx for $1,900, according to public records.

Previously (and exclusively) on EV Grieve:
After 50 years on the block, the Hells Angels appear to be selling their 3rd Street clubhouse

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Spotted outside Arabella 101, the newish luxury apartment building on Avenue D...

Haven't seen "yuppie" scrawled on much of late... perhaps we're seeing a return to, say, 2008 ... or maybe earlier.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New message from the Bad Pussies

Shot taken outside Mama's on Third Street near Avenue B earlier this week by John Penley ... On the Bad Pussies mural.

Thanks to John for letting me reprint... see more of his photos on his Facebook page. And he's frequently posting new shots there.

Monday, November 17, 2008


On the side of the Sheen Brothers bodega on 10th Street and Avenue B. This was not here the other day. The graffiti, not the bodega.

Monday, September 29, 2008

25 years of yuppies

Lots to do and see in New York's 40th anniversary issue.

For instance, here's Jay McInerney in an essay he wrote titled "Yuppies in Eden"....He says he first heard the term "yuppie" in 1983 while having breakfast at Veselka. A painter he knew muttered "fucking yuppies" after seeing an Upper East Side-looking couple in chinos.

Not long after my first actual sighting, I would see the earliest DIE YUPPIE SCUM graffiti around the neighborhood, an epithet that was soon vying in popularity with that LES perennial EAT THE RICH. The vituperative tone with which the Y-word was pronounced on East Fifth Street was in part a function of rapidly escalating real-estate prices in the East Village; after decades of relative stability that had made the area a bastion of Eastern European immigrants and young bohemians, though, it’s easy to forget at this distance that it was also a war zone where muggings and rapes weren’t considered news. The Hells Angels ruled East Third Street, and after dark you went east of Second Avenue strictly at your own risk. The cops didn’t go there. East Tenth beyond Avenue A was a narcotics supermarket where preteen runners scampered in and out of bombed-out tenements. In fact, great swatches of the city were dirty and crime-ridden. Even the West Village was pretty gritty by today’s standards, and Times Square was a scene of spectacular squalor. Check out Taxi Driver or The French Connection if you want to get a sense of what this urban wasteland looked like.

And later...

My first novel, Bright Lights, Big City, came out in September 1984, although it was set a few years earlier, in a grubbier, less prosperous New York. No one was more surprised than me when The Wall Street Journal described me as a spokesman for the yuppies. The protagonist of the novel was a downwardly mobile fact-checker and aspiring novelist, and unless I’m mistaken, he didn’t eat any raw fish in the novel. His best friend, Tad Allagash, was a likelier yuppie, an adman with entrée to all the right places, an uptown boy who knew his way around downtown. And they both did a lot of coke, a.k.a. Bolivian Marching Powder, which was to become the emblematic drug of the eighties, what acid had been to the sixties.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Distrubing trend of the day: Golf clubs on the bus

My bus passes through the heart of the newish condo country on the LES. And, with greater frequency this summer, I see more young sporty sports getting on the bus Friday mornings toting golf clubs. Didn't see this many even, say, two years ago. Either these fellows are a year or two away from car-service privileges at the firm or gratuitous use of such car services have been chopped from the company budget. Whatever. Just don't take up three seats guys, OK?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Survey: Yuppies in New York City not quite as upwardly mobile as in the past

Gawker has this item from UPI:

New York's hurting financial sector is causing it to slip as a destination for "yuppies," Forbes Magazine found in a survey of young professionals. Turmoil on Wall Street, with thousands of jobs being lost in the wake of the housing crisis, was blamed for New York's drop from first to fourth in the Forbes survey of upward mobility.

"Right now anything would be easier than New York," Richie Rivera, 30, a health insurance administrator from Brooklyn, told The New York Daily News. "A lot of people are losing jobs and trying to find work."

San Francisco leap-frogged over New York into the yuppie top spot thanks to a more diversified economy, followed by Boston with its booming technology sector. Also beating out New York was Houston, where record prices for oil are creating new jobs and more upward mobility in Texas...

Yeah, but I bet we have more wine bars than Houston!

Meanwhile, Gawker commenter averyreade had this response:

Suffer yuppies, suffer.

Now suffer some more. Now beat it. Scram!

Maybe NYC can breathe again soon...