Thursday, June 4, 2009

Claim: Tuesday night's DBS Volante Convertible party at the Cooper Square Hotel "brought enough complaints to bring in the police"

Just a quick follow-up to yesterday's Cooper Square Hotel post. I wanted to highlight two comments that came in later last night.

Anonymous said...
Just for the record, one of the stipulations of the hotel liquor license is, that given its proximity to to an assisted living facility and residential apartment building, the garden is to be "a quiet gathering place for patrons and guests." Last night's event brought enough complaints to bring in the police. When residents went to inquire for the hotel manager as recommended by Matt Moss at the meeting, she was "unavailable."

Goggla said...
I hate to think what will happen the next time one of those senior residents needs an ambulance (which I see there regularly), only to have it circle the block because the wagon train of limos is blocking the entrance.

Also, I reviewed the photos that I took.... I found these. As I recall, the young man in the backpack wanted to take a closer look at the Aston Martin on display. And why not?

So he looked around for a moment and decided to unhook the velvet rope and go in where the invite-onlys were congregating.

The security guard was on him in a second. The guard was ready to push him out the way he came in...

But the other security guard interjected and suggested that the young man be taken out properly through the hotel.

The security guards that I saw were much more tolerant of guests taking drinks onto the sidewalk to use their cell phones.

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Anonymous said...

i normally don't like using this word...but what a bunch of douchebags