Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Double noted

"Robert Pattinson's new movie, which is tentatively titled Remember Me, began filming in New York City this afternoon. As an exasperated crew member was overheard complaining, 'They might as well call it Paparazzi and 'Tweens, 'cause there's more of us than them!' It was a fair statement considering how the crowd had swelled substantially (a rough estimate of 200) outside of NYU's Silver Center of Arts & Science, after fans had texted and called their friends to get to downtown Manhattan." (Entertainment Weekly)

"I came all the way from Las Vegas for this!" said 26-year-old Patricia Galas. "I've been here since Friday and I leave tomorrow. I like his hair and his music. I really just want to ask him when he's playing next so I can see him live. I've read all the books." (OK! magazine)

[Diane Cohn/Fame Pictures]