Thursday, June 11, 2009

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning edition

"And frankly, when I lived in a high-rise apartment in the Financial District, more of my shit got swiped by my rich young businessmen neighbors than ever got taken from me when I lived in the East Village in a basement. Yeah, I KNEW you were taking my stuff, Mr. Apartment 14C. YOU DIDN'T FOOL ME. YOU AREN'T SO SLICK. So yeah, rich people can suck it." (Fear and Loathing NY)

One day with John Lennon changed his life (BoingBoing)

We'll take Manhattan: NYU's plans for 2031 (Esquared)

Jeremiah sees digital Snickers bars (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

It's likely that you have swine flu (The New York Times)

Tagging Kleen-Stik (BoweryBoogie)

Another HBO show with a cupcakes storyline (Hunter-Gatherer)

Skipper needs a home (Washington Square Park)

Kurt Strahm at Restless regarding Cooper Union and the Cooper Square Hotel:

And though I see the hotel as a bookend to the New Museum further down Bowery — anchoring the conversion of yet another distinctive swath of NYC into something (Bloomberg and) the yacht club set can enjoy — I admire its fetishistic finish and space-age look, and the honesty of its arrogances. Where Donald Trump's erections hide amid the skyscraper grass of Midtown, the Cooper Square lords over the puny East Village like a mammoth alien sexual appliance shot from space — Battlestar Dildactica? — a monument to the penile enhancing power of unapologetic greed, and decadence that is an end in itself.

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ak said...

ha. it's a panhandler from the future! you should have asked him what wwiv was like - could have given you hints on how to survive. as clearly, very little people are alive so he is forced to travel back in time to panhandle. that also explains the $20 price tag - inflation for the future. ah! field day with this one...