Thursday, June 11, 2009

Former Five Rose's space gutted

Our friend Hunter-Gatherer just snapped these photos of the former Five Rose's space on First Avenue between 10th Street and 11th Street....(He would have posted them himself, but he was a little pissed/depressed about all this...)

Ouch. Last rumor we heard: another pizza place was moving in... And has anyone heard from Krystyna?

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Jeremiah Moss said...

marc jacobs is moving in.


EV Grieve said...
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EV Grieve said...

You will feel so AWFUL when he actually does move in.

Well, at least it's not another bank or a Starbuck's.

[Ducking fist being thrown]

Anonymous said...

that was the racist pizza place anyway.

Jill said...

The sign on the door says it's a pizza place.