Monday, July 29, 2013

Is a Rite Aid now home to the most interesting mural in the East Village?

Strange days that Rite Aid on First Avenue and East Fifth Street has one of the more interesting murals around... As EVG Senior First Avenue Rite Aid Correspondent Goggla has been reporting these last few days/weeks... The Royal Kingbee UW, a Bronx-born graffiti artist, has been bringing new life to a moribund store... (the exterior anyway!)

Kingbee and Vase1 have added some more touches...

We hear that Kingbee and Vase1, who specialize in urban and rural landscapes, will also be painting the exterior at the Avenue D Rite Aid one of these days...

Oh, and what about the inside? You know, the Rite Aiders cleaned up the inside and ditched the carpet... and they've introduced several new products, such as!

Remember: Gluten-free doesn't mean taste free.

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[Bobby Williams, 2012]


Anonymous said...

That Wood Duck is gorgeous! Love this mural!

Anonymous said...

Dem boids needs to goes on a diet!

sinestra said...

wow, that is really nice! respect to rite aid for getting into the art scene!