Saturday, November 28, 2020

3rd & B’Zaar Holiday Market now open for the season

The 3rd & B’Zaar Holiday Market has opened its doors at 191 E. Third St. between Avenue A and Avenue B... offering "unique gifts at affordable prices." A group of local merchants, artists and designers are behind the venture, which will remain open through Dec. 24.

The Market, which debuted yesterday, is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 1 to 6 p.m.  Guests are limited to a few at a time indoors (masks are required to enter).

Earlier in the week, Stacie Joy stopped by while some of the vendors were prepping the festive space...  (from left): Delia Anne Parker, Sara Ann Rutherford, Frank New, Delphine Le Goff, Maegan Hayward and Alex Carpenter...
And the list of artists, makers and merchants currently signed on to vend here:

• Maegan Hayward/East Village Vintage Collective 
• Delia Anne Parker/Delia Anne Art 
• Delphine Le Goff/Display By Delphine 
• Frank New/Man Your Style 
• Sara Ann Rutherford/Greenwell Goods
• Alex Carpenter/Art by Carpo 
• April Howard/Kingdom of Brooklyn
• Ariana Valdes/RiRiPurpose
• Chad Johnson/Tiki Billy
• Charles Branstool/Exit9 Gift Emporium 
• Cira Reyes/Cira Vintage Finds 
• Colton Ackerman 
• Corey Woods 
• Darkin Brown 
• Jackie Rivera/Jackie Hates You
• Jane’s Exchange 
• Kadidja Kabore Lamport/Kadidja Handmade Collection
• Kate Goldwater/AuH2O
• Kate Wollesen/K Styles)
• Katie Monahan/Found 
• Laura Texter/St Marks Masks 
• Lynn Freidus/Random Accessories
• Nora Balaban 
• PJ Cobbs Arts 
• Rebecca Duckert 
• Robert McIntyre/Robert Austin Designs 
• Ron Holtz/Printopia Gallery
• St Vincent 
• Stephanie Fleck/Grandmother Goods 
• Vanessa Monsalve/Eclectic Wolf Fashion 
• Vorachon Roongsri/Vintage Vorachon 

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Anonymous said...

Had the chance to stop in over the weekend, what a fun place full of lovely people. I feel like this is a festive boost amid so much bad news.