Thursday, November 19, 2020

AO Bowl softly opens on St. Mark's Place

The Japanese health-food cafe AO Bowl is expected to (softly) open today at 82 St. Mark's Place on the southwest corner of First Avenue. 

A rep for the quick-serve establishment says that this is the "first-ever cafe in the U.S. to use vacuum blenders to create vacuum-pressed smoothies and juice on premise."

And more via the EVG inbox...
Using Blendtec technology, which prevents the oxidation of fruits and vegetables, AO Bowl juices retain over 90 percent juice compared to about 60-70 percent in standard juicing. Vacuum blending removes the air from ingredients within the blender, allowing juices to retain the majority of their original vitamin and mineral content. 

A fully plant-based menu with keto and paleo-friendly options features locally sourced or homegrown items including oat milk, bean sprouts, acai, granola, and market bowls like Adzuki Rice with Kombu and Grilled Pineapple Yams.

Workers gutted this single-level structure on the corner ... dividing the storefront into several spaces. The other new tenant here will be the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop one of these days.

The previous single occupant, Foot Gear Plus, closed in July 2018 after 40 years in business.

Smoothie images via AO Bowl

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Anonymous said...

I hope AO Bowl will send all its leftover plant-based material to a compost collection facility rather than throwing it out in the trash.
Perhaps AO Bowl's management could work out an arrangement with the Lower East Side Ecology Center.