Sunday, November 29, 2020

Week in Grieview

Posts from this past week included... (and photo from Tomkins Square Park this morning)...

• With gas shut off, Tompkins Square Bagels owner wonders why the city isn't helping small businesses during pandemic (Tuesday

• A good hair day: Investors pitch in to save Astor Place Hairstylists from closure (Tuesday

• Toy story: The March Hare debuts on 9th Street (Monday

• Groups petition city officials to protect NYC's community gardens (Monday

• A Thanksgiving feast for neighbors in need at the East Village Community Fridge (Thursday

• Giving thanks at the Mariana Bracetti Plaza (Wednesday

• A Thanksgiving without Odessa (Wednesday

• A visit to Hello Banana Vintage (Friday

• A break in at B&H Dairy (Tuesday

• The Blind Pig's conversion into Coyote Ugly continues (Monday

• Here then, the full reveal at the explosion site condoplex (Monday

• Gallery Watch: NYNY2020 by Melissa Brown at Derek Eller Gallery (Wednesday

• It's virtual gala time for the Cooper Square Committee (Tuesday

• 3rd & B’Zaar Holiday Market now open for the season (Saturday

• This week's NY See panel (Friday

• Max Fish says farewell to 120 Orchard St.; new outpost planned (Wednesday

• There won't be an official SantaCon this year (Friday

• A car fire on 4th Street (Sunday

• Greenwich Marketplace coming to this 4th Avenue storefront (Wednesday

... and outside Theatre 80 on St. Mark's Place ...workers continue building curbside seating for the William Barnacle Tavern ... 
And according to the video surveillance photos posted outside Theatre 80, the young man in the middle of the photo allegedly vandalized the unfinished space this past week. Per the sign: "We have enough trouble with developers in this neighborhood, do we need crap from their kids as well?"
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