Saturday, November 21, 2020

Live from the Fiore Escape tonight

Tonight, Lower East Side-based singer-songwriter Jill Fiore will host another live-music session from her fire escape.

Like her first show on Oct. 24, tonight's mini-concert will feature fellow musicians Jason Taylor and the Baron as well as a special guest.

She got the idea for the shows back in the spring as she was recovering from COVID-19 and went out on her fire escape for some fresh air, as she told Roger Clark at NY1 this week.

You can catch the Fiore Escape at 6 p.m. on Essex Street between Grand and Hester (above Delancey Car Service!) Per the invite: Attendees must wear a mask or face covering and remain at a social distance on the sidewalk below. 

The show will also be streaming on Instagram Live via @soundandfiore.

Photo by Bob Krasner

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