Saturday, November 28, 2020

Someone stole the safe from Nowon on Wednesday night

This past week, chef-owner Jae Lee celebrated the first anniversary of Nowon, his well-regarded restaurant that serves Korean-American fare at 507 E. Sixth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B.

And on Wednesday night, someone stole the safe from the establishment.

Lee launched a crowdfunding campaign yesterday offering more details:
We had a burglary at our restaurant on Wednesday evening. Our entire safe itself was stolen. We had over $2,000 in cash. Safe itself was over $1,000.

I spent the entire day today speaking to cops, detective and forensic team. The crook knew exactly where to go, which makes me think he has been here before and knew exactly how to move to not get caught on camera except the office. 
I am raising money to just get back what I lost. I would appreciate anything, honestly. I’ve never fundraised for myself before so if you have any questions or even words of encouragement, I will take it.

Within 14 hours of the GoFundMe, Lee raised the money — and more, and he deactivated the fundraiser. 

The restaurant also released a photo of the suspect from the surveillance video... 


Greg Masters said...

Sorry to see already struggling businesses challenged further by some brazen break-ins the past few weeks in the EV. But how'd intruder(s) get in for this one? Looks like a formidable security gate on front. Thanks for coverage, EVG.

Anonymous said...

Crooks are being helped by legitimate mask disguises due to covid19.