Friday, November 3, 2023

Openings: Lollo Ristorante Pizzeria & Bar on Avenue B

Photos by Stacie Joy

Lollo Ristorante Pizzeria & Bar is now in service at 27 Avenue B between Second Street and Third Street. 

As we first reported in April, a group of partners originally from Northern Italy are behind the new establishment, serving a variety of salads, pasta dishes and pizzas. 
You can find a copy of the menu and hours of operation here. (If you're on Instagram, they have an account here.)

Alcohol is on the way, as CB3 approved a full liquor license for the space in July. According to the meeting minutes (link), several people spoke out against the application as Lollo sits in a heavy weekend-day-drinking corridor.  

The space was previously home to Solo Pizza, which closed following a rent hike in September 2022 after 15 years in business. (And, because someone will mention it, Solo just had a restaurant wine license.)


Anonymous said...

The space looks great and so does the menu! I look forward to checking it out soon. Glad they were able to get a liquor license. Hopefully they are able to thrive.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how did they get a liquor license with all the nonsense on both sides of their business? That's insane.

BigDaddyFrank said...

Absolutely delicious pizza and salad. Great service and atmosphere. This is added to the rotation for sure ! Welcome to the neighborhood

Anonymous said...

$17 for the most basic pizza on the menu? Can someone bring back a decent slice place to the neighborhood? Pretty please?