Thursday, May 9, 2024

Family sells 8 East Village buildings for $38 million after decades of ownership

Eight East Village pre-war apartment buildings owned by the same family since the 1960s have sold for $38 million, per a press release and published reports. 

The Eis family reportedly owned the portfolio, which totals 82,245 square feet and includes 99 apartments and nine retail units. Three separate buyers picked up a handful of the properties. 

Per the press release and the Commercial Observer, the buildings are: 

• 105-109 First Ave. between Sixth Street and Seventh Street (pictured above — Mister Paradise, Huertas and Sammy's Halal*) ... sold for $13 million to Lawrence Movtady. 

• 110 East First St. at Houston (across from Katz's) ... sold for $7 million to Alfred Sabetfard of the Sabet Group.  

• 58 and 60-62 Second Ave. between Third Street and Fourth Street ... sold for $11.8 million to Alfred Sabetfard of the Sabet Group. 

• 425 E. Sixth St. between Avenue A and First Avenue ... sold for $3 million to Son Dinh Tran. 

• 543 E. Sixth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B... sold for $3.2 million to Tran.

* Sammy's Halal seems to be a permanent shutter now at 109 First Ave.


noble neolani said...

With Mayor Adam's developer "junta" and its propaganda "city of yes" on the horizon, our city's future has never look more bleak.

Sarah said...

Good luck to the tenants.

Unknown said...

I was a longtime (2.5 decades) resident of one of these buildings. We were not given the option to renew our leases, and the one bedrooms have been converted into a combination of BS "luxury" and dormitory-style dwellings with almost triple the rent: essentially places where no one will live for more than a year or two. Devastating for the neighborhood. I left NYC after calling it home for nearly 36 years.