Friday, June 21, 2024

[Updated] Family searching for Joby Joseph, last seen around Tompkins Square Park late Monday night

Updated 6/22: His family says that Joby has been found and is OK. No other information is available.


Friends and family of Joby Joseph have been frantically searching for the 39-year-old missing since May 12. 

His last reported sighting was around Tompkins Square Park late Monday night. 

His brother, Joshua Joseph, has been coordinating efforts to find Joby.

Per a recent Instagram post
He has had no contact with his family or friends. Some reports have called in stating they have seen him around Tompkins Square Park area and Ave A late Monday night, June 17th. They have described him as disheveled and out of it. 

Physical description: long scruffy beard, 6’1, 180 pounds, possibly malnourished. 

Whether these reports are true or not, I cannot grasp what mental state of mind he is in or what led him to this point. I appreciate everyone's involvement, which has led to these calls, tips and info. Hopefully, everyone's continued efforts will help us locate him ASAP and get him to safety. 
Joshua created a link on Google Maps with a rough perimeter and active locations in the East Village and Lower East Side that update in real-time according to their search efforts. 

A screengrab of the map is below. You can access it here.
Joby, who works the door at several local bars, has been known to be MIA for a day or two.

"This is the first time this has happened for such a long period of time," Joshua told the Staten Island Advance/ "It's not unusual for him to be gone for maybe a couple of days, but nothing like this. We don't know anything."

The family filed a missing person's report with the NYPD on June 8. 

Anyone with information that could help in the search for Joby is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). You may also submit tips online. All calls are strictly confidential.


Anonymous said...

This is very tragic.
I cannot stress how important it is to communicate any potential sightings of Joby to the family. Please consider that he will most likely not appear as presented in the photo - most likely he will be underweight and very disheveled.

Hoping for the best.

Mark said...

I hope this young man can be connected to his loved ones soon before anything else happens.

This reminds me of a couple of posts EV Grieve and local news outlets did perhaps 10 years ago where a local EV man around the same age, who was a successful professional in either marketing or advertising disappeared for weeks. He just went missing. His friends, colleagues, and mother went in search of him after he failed to show up to work and other personal commitments. He was eventually discovered in a disheveled state near Tompkins Park experiencing a psychotic break with an undiagnosed mental illness. Luckily, he did access the help and resources to get better, but he left NYC and relocated back to the midwest with his mother, in Michigan I believe.

I remembered how thorough and detailed EV Grieve was in describing him. Some reason, that story has always stood out in my mind, probably because we were the same age and lived in the EV. Does this ring a bell, EV Grieve?

Anyways, I am manifesting a positive and swift outcome for Mr. Joesph that will be found safe.

Anonymous said...

YES! I remember !