Friday, July 5, 2024

50 Avenue B now on Housewatch

Photo by Stacie Joy 

Signage is now up for Housewatch, the new name of the bar at 50 Avenue B between Third Street and Fourth Street. 

It also marks the rebranding of the basement venue, Gama Lounge. That team, composed of several firefighters, is now running the ground-level space. (Housewatch is also in the firefighter's lexicon — the person who receives and acknowledges all alarms and maintains the firehouse directory.)

Housewatch takes over for Joey Bats Café, which we noted last week closed this outpost. Joey Bats will continue selling its signature pastéis de nata from the Essex Market, Grand Central Terminal and Chelsea Market. Joey Batista (aka Bats) was previously a partner in Gama Lounge.

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