Tuesday, July 2, 2024

A visit to Cakes by Klein on St. Mark's Place

Photos and reporting by Stacie Joy 

Cakes by Klein debuted last month at 102 St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue.

I stopped by the other day to talk with proprietor Hanna Klein, who has lived in the East Village and now the Lower East Side in recent years ...
As I snapped photos of Klein meticulously decorating a blue hydrangea-themed bridesmaid cake, the air was filled with an unexpected calm. It made me curious — was the silence for my benefit, or was it her usual ambiance?

When I asked, she revealed that her typical soundtrack wasn't silence but rather the chilling narratives of serial killer podcasts!
This is her first retail location (she was a home baker before this). During the week, the space operates as a commercial kitchen where Klein fulfills custom orders. 

While this is a made-to-order business, given the foot traffic on the block, Klein will host occasional popups on the weekends when her husband is available to assist her. (She was married in the spring, and yes — she made her own wedding cake.)

Her menu includes iced coffee, slices of cake, and cookie sammies...
The pop-ups also provide her with an opportunity for customer feedback, such as favorite flavor combos, etc., which she uses to shape her menu and improve her offerings. 

"I like turning people's ideas in their brains into cakes," she said. "Everything is better with cake." 

For the latest updates about our weekend hours, follow the Cakes by Klein Instagram account. You can also visit the Cakes by Klein website for more information.


Anonymous said...

Yum! Who doesn't love cake?

DrGecko said...

@ anon 12:44. I don't love cake. It's ok I guess, but it's not like it's pie or anything.

Anonymous said...

Nice addition to the neighborhood!