Thursday, July 4, 2024

EVG Etc.: NYPL funding restored; gunshots or fireworks?

Photo Monday from Avenue A and St. Mark's Place 

• Advocates and lawmakers frustrated by late City Hall report on homeless encampment sweeps (City Limits... previously on EVG

• A woman was killed in a hit-and-run on the FDR Drive near East Houston (CBS 2) ... Family blames construction signage from the East Side Resiliency Project for the fatal hit-and-run (Daily News

• NYCHA steps up evictions on tenants (The City

• Where top New York politicians stand on Gov. Hochul's congestion pricing pause (New York Focus)  ... 7 Years, $700M wasted: The 'stunning collapse' of congestion pricing (The Wall Street Journal, sub required) 

• Nearly united City Council votes 46 to 3 to approve fiscal year 2025 budget (City and State) ... NYPL funding restored amid threats from the Mayor's budget cuts (NY1 ... CNN

• A housing lottery launched this week for 196 affordable apartments in a new rental building on the Lower East Side — 165 Broome St. (6sqft

• And the EV/LES lags in affordable housing options (City Limits

• The city accuses the owner of Gelatoville on First Avenue and 10th Street of allegedly running illegal short-term rentals (Crain's ... W42st. ... City of New York

• Lucy Sante remembers James Chance (The Baffler... previously on EVG)

• Lyft has jacked up the price for bike-share members to ride pedal-assist electric bikes for a second time this year (Streetsblog

• A review of Spice Brothers on St. Mark's Place. Pete Wells says it's "a showcase for the power of cinnamon, turmeric and other flavors of the Middle East." (The New York Times

• Tompkins Square Bagels opening an Upper East Side outpost (Patch

• An expanded Pier 42 reopens along the East River (PIX 11 ... official press release)

• In case you want to watch the Macy's 4th of July fireworks on the WEST side (West Side Rag ... NBC 4

• Helpful: Were those fireworks or gunshots?????? (Gothamist

• How to keep your dog calm during fireworks shows (Axios

• A Denys Arcand crime trilogy (Anthology Film Archives)

• On July 5, catch an interactive screening of kitschy classic "Piranha" in the company of Hedda Lettuce (Village East by Angelika)


Andy said...

If they do happen to be gunshots, please be careful.

Anonymous said...

a GLOWING review of Spice Brothers on St. Mark's Place (The New York Times)

Grieve said...

@ 2:25

I added to the Spice Brothers line... you're right -- what I had didn't match Pete W's enthusiasm...

Anonymous said...

The days surrounding July 4th and after are unpleasant for my cat and myself. He freaks out, shakes his head, and hides for hours. I try to comfort him but he cowers near the toilet and won't leave. I am relieved the fireworks are on the west side this year, but there are still some who think it is funny to mess with fireworks in our hood on the streets and sidewalks. Not cool. People need to be careful. They are very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Read the linked article on NYCHA evictions — per the article, “the stepped up” evictions total 62 year to date, out of 63,000 apartments in arrears, for an eviction rate of .01% (.0001) of tenants in arrears. The 63,000 in arrears represents 43% of the 147,000 NYCHA units as stated in the article. This is rather shocking as NYCHA rents are capped at 30% of the residents’ adjusted gross income, so if they have less income the rent goes down. This seems more like an unwillingness to pay rather than an inability. Given that NYCHA is the City’s most affordable housing, with 250,000 people on the waitlist, I can’t understand why NYCHA doesn’t work harder to collect rent and/or turn over units to families in need.

bill said...

It's 9:27 pm. Does anyone know where the fireworks are being launched?

Grieve said...

@ Bill

The barges are be set up between West 14th and West 34th streets on the Hudson...

Anonymous said...

Justified enthusiasm too. We love that place.