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Sunday, January 24, 2016

The morning after the day of the blizzard

[2nd Avenue at East 10th]

Just a few early morning photos... as people and machines continue to dig out from yesterday's snow "event." According to The New York Times, Central Park counted 26.8 inches of snow, the second-highest total ever recorded.

I do not know how much snow fell in Tompkins Square Park. What I was going to use as a gauge has been destroyed or stolen. Anyway. Enjoy the day. And it's really slippery out. As you might expect.

[East 1st Street near 1st Avenue]

[Avenue A near East 12th]

[Outside Gem Spa, duh]

[Tompkins Square Park]

[St. Mark's Place between 2nd and 3rd]

[2nd Avenue at East 1st]

[Door handle ice dagger at the Standard East Village]

[Tompkins Square Park]

An East 3rd Street blizzard time-lapse

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The blizzard of Jan. 23

[Avenue A via EVG]

[Tompkins Square Park this morning via Bayou]

[12th and A via Greg Masters]

[East 10th Street via @cj__ts]

[Tompkins Square Park via Steven]

[Tompkins Square Park via Lola Sáenz]

[Avenue A via EVG]

[East 7th Street via Rik Rocket]

[Tompkins Square Park via Kirk Fitzgerald/Facebook]

[East 7th Street via Derek Berg]

[Avenue A via JM]

[Photo via Kirk Fitzgerald/Facebook]

[Tompkins Square Park via Derek Berg]

[Tompkins Square Park via Grant Shaffer]

[East 10th Street via Peter Brownscombe]

[Avenue A via Goggla]

[2nd Avenue via Derek Berg]

[2nd Avenue via Steven]

[St. Marks Place via Derek Berg]

[Tompkins Square Park via Kirk Fitzgerald/Facebook]

[East Houston via JM]

[East 12th Street via Lola Sáenz]

[Christo in the Park via Goggla]

[Car on East Fifth Street via EVG]

Thanks to everyone for the photos...

Riding the storm out

First Avenue and East 11th Street via Lola Sáenz...

Updated 1:13 p.m.

The city is basically shutting down today.


And tomorrow? #woo

[Updating] IT IS SNOWING

Funny how that sometimes happens in January.

Went out for a little walk. (Periscoped for the first time. I remembered to talk on the next installment. Need to learn to not shake the iPhone so much.)

Some really random observations (or more random than usual?). The Avenues have been plowed. Side streets are a little hit and miss. Tompkins Square Park is picture perfect. There is one random Citi Bike on 7th and A. Umbrellas are useless. Two pairs of socks are a good idea. If I owned goggles, then I'd have put them on no matter how dumb I looked. People are nicer when it is snowing.

And more places are open than I expected. This is not at all a comprehensive list. Here are places that I saw open at 9 a.m.: Key Food, Croissanteria (A between 4th and 5th), Juicy Lucy (Avenue A between 5th and 6th), Ray's Candy Store (and the place next to it), the Odessa, Box Kite Coffee (115 St. Mark's Place), the International (First Avenue between 7th and St. Mark's), Saiffee Hardware (and they were getting a huge salt shipment), McDonald's, Starbucks (the one on First Avenue at 3rd), the Bean (the one on Second Avenue at 3rd), Downtown Bakery II (First Avenue between 4th and 3rd), Brickman & Sons (First Avenue between 4th and 3rd) ... all the corner delis were open. Ditto for laundromats/dry cleaners. The gate was going up at the liquor store on Avenue and 4th Street. There was a Twitter report that Black Seed Bagels is open on First Avenue.

And as I posted on Twitter, at the time I looked in the window at the International, there were more people inside there than the McDonald's and Starbucks combined.

To be continued...

Updated 11:25 a.m.

Ost Cafe on Avenue A at 12th Street is open ... ditto for Tompkins Square Bagels ... and the Remedy Diner on East Houston at Norfolk. The Wayland opens at noon on Avenue C and East 9th Street. Superiority Burger is open from 2-6 today on East Ninth Street between Avenue A and 1st Avenue...

Also: The Neptune on First Avenue between 11th Street and 12th Street ... Hearth on First Avenue at 12th Street... Donnybrook on Clinton and Stanton...

Have a nice blizzard

East 12th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue last night via Grant Shaffer...

Friday, January 22, 2016

Citi Bike shutting down tonight at 11 ahead of possible blizzard, non-blizzard

[Photo last week by Derek Berg]

In case you were going to use a Citi Bike to get around tomorrow or to help transport home the pallet of bread from Key Food... here's some FYI via the CB people:

Due to heavy snow in the forecast, we will temporarily close the Citi Bike system starting at 11 tonight, Friday January 22. What does that mean for you? No bikes can be rented after the temporary closure has begun, though bikes that are in use can be returned to any Citi Bike station with an available dock.

The amount of snow and changing weather conditions will determine when it is safe to re-open. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the nifty yellow alert banner on the Citi Bike website for updates and details on reopening the system.

[Updated] Have you stocked up yet for a visit from Jonas?

Speaking of snow... Vinny & O saw a larger-than-usual crowd at Key Food on Avenue A last evening... "it was a lot crazier at the checkouts, creating that usual no-move zone. Everyone was talking in line about Jonas." (BTW, The Weather Channel came up with the name Jonas, so it's not really official.)

We were at Key on Wednesday night for a few non-Jonas supplies, and noted a run on Corn Pops.

Sober predictions see anywhere from 6 to 18 inches of snow hitting the NYC area — under a "blizzard watch" — starting Saturday morning. This is all subject to change, of course.

Meanwhile, the MTA has announced their possible blizzard emergency plans here.

We'll update throughout the day with any relevant, uh, updates at least until the power goes out.

And if you want some temporary work shoveling snow and helping grow beefy triceps at the same time, the city is hiring.

Updated 4:55 a.m.

The National Weather Service has upgraded the forecast to a blizzard warning. Scary graphics to follow. And exclamation points!!!!!

(Speaking of Whiteout, I always liked that Boss Hog record.)

And I'll be updating more often (probably!) at the @evgrieve Twitter thing.