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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

There is an anonymous, animal-loving snow shoveler in the East Village

A tipster sends along this note ... from a car on East Seventh Street between Avenue A and Avenue B...

Per the note, written on a typewriter:

Your car was shoveled out of the snow for FREE on the evening of Tuesday, January 2016.

If you would like to show your gratitude you could make a small donation to Mighty Mutts Animal Rescue...

If not, that is fine and enjoy the free shoveling.


Updated 1/28
Find an interview with the snow shoveler here

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

[Updated] Citi Bike will be back in action tomorrow morning with limited service

[EVG photo on 6th and B from Saturday night]

Citi Bike officials shut down the grid last Friday night ahead of the blizzard... now they are ready to start up part of the system again tomorrow morning.

Here's the official CB message via Facebook:

Citi Bike will re-open tomorrow, Wednesday, 1/27/16 at 6:00 AM with *limited service*. Please check the station map or mobile app for up-to-date station information. Stations in blue are in-service, grey stations still need to be cleared. Snow removal will continue until all stations are cleared. AM Valet Service will be available as scheduled at Pearl & Hanover. AM Valet Service will not be offered at Penn Station or Port Authority. PM Valet Service will be available at all three stations. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we dig out!

Here's the link to the station map to check tomorrow morning.

Not sure about other docking stations around here... but the one on East Seventh Street and Avenue A looks ready for action...



Updated 1/27

I looked at the station map out of curiosity... you can see the local docking stations that are (and are not!) in service as of this morning... 7th Street and A and East 10th Street along Tompkins Square Park are among those dispensing the bikes...

Bottom two Citi Bike photos by Derek Berg

Monday, January 25, 2016

With a carrot nose, and two eyes made of lemons...

[Outside Cafe Mocha on 2nd Avenue via Derek Berg]

To be honest, the professionalism and craftsmanship of the now-defunct 5-foot snow penis in Tompkins Square Park took the spotlight away from some of the other more family-friendly snow creations that arrived after the blizzard... here are some of those snowpeople via Bobby Williams...

Feel free to leave your blistering critiques of the children's work in the comments!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The morning after the day of the blizzard

[2nd Avenue at East 10th]

Just a few early morning photos... as people and machines continue to dig out from yesterday's snow "event." According to The New York Times, Central Park counted 26.8 inches of snow, the second-highest total ever recorded.

I do not know how much snow fell in Tompkins Square Park. What I was going to use as a gauge has been destroyed or stolen. Anyway. Enjoy the day. And it's really slippery out. As you might expect.

[East 1st Street near 1st Avenue]

[Avenue A near East 12th]

[Outside Gem Spa, duh]

[Tompkins Square Park]

[St. Mark's Place between 2nd and 3rd]

[2nd Avenue at East 1st]

[Door handle ice dagger at the Standard East Village]

[Tompkins Square Park]

Breaking: Penis snow sculpture down by dawn in Tompkins Square Park

The 5-foot snow sculpture of a penis erected during the height of yesterday's blizzard in Tompkins Square Park is gone, as these photos from about 7:20 a.m. today show...

As several observers noted, it doesn't appear as it was knocked down as much as removed. Penis sculpture watchers in the Park this morning note that there weren't many snow chunks lying around the base here closest to the Avenue A and East Ninth Street entrance.

There are a few detailed remains, which show the great care and attention that went into this monument of [whatever you think of sculptured snow penises].

A last look...

[Photo via ‏@sandispino]

Of course this wasn't the first (scroll down) sculpture of a snow penis in Tompkins Square Park ... and it won't be the last. [#profound]

An East 3rd Street blizzard time-lapse

Snow etiquette FYI

Jut a friendly reminder... in these challenging blizzard-y times, try not to take — purposefully or not — someone else's boots...

... and no matter how tempting those snow piles look for sledding...

... please check first to make sure there's not a vehicle under that pile of snow... like here on Avenue B and East Sixth Street...

Thank you Dave on 7th!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Well, why wouldn't someone erect a 5-foot snow penis during a blizzard in Tompkins Square Park?

Photo via ‏@sandispino

The blizzard of Jan. 23

[Avenue A via EVG]

[Tompkins Square Park this morning via Bayou]

[12th and A via Greg Masters]

[East 10th Street via @cj__ts]

[Tompkins Square Park via Steven]

[Tompkins Square Park via Lola Sáenz]

[Avenue A via EVG]

[East 7th Street via Rik Rocket]

[Tompkins Square Park via Kirk Fitzgerald/Facebook]

[East 7th Street via Derek Berg]

[Avenue A via JM]

[Photo via Kirk Fitzgerald/Facebook]

[Tompkins Square Park via Derek Berg]

[Tompkins Square Park via Grant Shaffer]

[East 10th Street via Peter Brownscombe]

[Avenue A via Goggla]

[2nd Avenue via Derek Berg]

[2nd Avenue via Steven]

[St. Marks Place via Derek Berg]

[Tompkins Square Park via Kirk Fitzgerald/Facebook]

[East Houston via JM]

[East 12th Street via Lola Sáenz]

[Christo in the Park via Goggla]

[Car on East Fifth Street via EVG]

Thanks to everyone for the photos...