Saturday, January 23, 2016

The blizzard of Jan. 23

[Avenue A via EVG]

[Tompkins Square Park this morning via Bayou]

[12th and A via Greg Masters]

[East 10th Street via @cj__ts]

[Tompkins Square Park via Steven]

[Tompkins Square Park via Lola Sáenz]

[Avenue A via EVG]

[East 7th Street via Rik Rocket]

[Tompkins Square Park via Kirk Fitzgerald/Facebook]

[East 7th Street via Derek Berg]

[Avenue A via JM]

[Photo via Kirk Fitzgerald/Facebook]

[Tompkins Square Park via Derek Berg]

[Tompkins Square Park via Grant Shaffer]

[East 10th Street via Peter Brownscombe]

[Avenue A via Goggla]

[2nd Avenue via Derek Berg]

[2nd Avenue via Steven]

[St. Marks Place via Derek Berg]

[Tompkins Square Park via Kirk Fitzgerald/Facebook]

[East Houston via JM]

[East 12th Street via Lola Sáenz]

[Christo in the Park via Goggla]

[Car on East Fifth Street via EVG]

Thanks to everyone for the photos...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful gallery!

Anonymous said...

How do the hawks faire during a blizzard? The hunting must not be as good.

Anonymous said...

Lola - thanks for the cool red truck update. And Goggla for the RTHawk pic - I was wondering what they were doing.

bayou said...

Hat tip to Derek - great, great shots.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

@9:52 - both hawks are fine. They were out frolicking in the sun the day after the storm.

derek berg said...

Bayou, well thank you.