Monday, January 25, 2016

A sign of peace at 118 E. 1st St.

Can't say for sure when this happened here at 118 E. First St. between Avenue A and First Avenue... someone painted a giant peace sign on the front of the building. (I don't recall seeing it on Friday afternoon. Anyone?)

In any event, might be a good time for a quick recap on what's happening here. As previously noted, the existing structure is being demolished to make room for a 9-story residential building. In total, there are seven units divided over 12,500 square feet of residential space, as NY Yimby first reported. (Given the size — about 1,800 square feet, NYY figures these will be condos.)

And it looks as if the city approved the plans back in November...

...while I haven't seen any renderings, perhaps these zoning diagrams on file with the city about what's to come will hold you over...

And as noted in a few previous posts about this address, No. 118 was home in the mid-1980s to Darinka, the performance space operated by Gary Ray that featured They Might Be Giants as its house band.

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Anonymous said...

It's been there for at least a week.... I noticed it last Saturday, I think.

Gojira said...

Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. The cheapshite design of the new building, not the peace sign, and DEFINITELY not that sweet, small, white, doomed treasure.

Howie Pyro said...

I lived here for a decade or more, had many historic GREENDOORNYC parties in the basement space (before we took over the boybar space on st marks & turned it into Coney Island High ...entertained most EV legends when 80% were alive :( thank god there were survivors! So much happened in this building...I moved to LA (I know...) 18 years ago & was home for Halloween & walked by to see an empty hole where my life had been. Sigh.