Sunday, January 31, 2016

When psychics close: If you're of the mind to rent this space on East 2nd Street

We have no idea when this storefront closed on East Second Street between Avenue A and Avenue B... an EVG reader mentioned it to us, noting that it was rare to see a psychic close up shop.

Well, there have been a few to shutter... like here and here ... and here?

Interestingly/impressively enough the psychic stayed in business for almost two years after Jared Kushner's Westminster Management bought the buildings here at 170-174 E. Second St. (Other tenants didn't fare so well.)

Per the retail listing, rent on the 250-square-foot space is available upon request. From that listing: "Bathroom in place and some concession towards work is available. Most uses are considered including non cooking food use."


Anonymous said...

They never saw it coming.

Giovanni said...

The future ain't what it used to be.

m2ndSt said...

the weird thing was she left before she had to, she had paid up through the end of las month and left before her rent was up. after she had moved out the super left a very nice note that was up for weeks that he had to get in for some coned thing and you know that doesn't happen if you owe anything.
Also I never liked the latest psychic cause she had a bust of buddha that she painted glittery makeup on, I tried to talk to her buddha's interest in renouncing earthly possessions and status symbols but she wasn't interested.

Anonymous said...

That shop was there for almost 20 years I live on east 2nd street since 33 years