Monday, January 25, 2016

Alumni Day: Cycle 19 of the Centre-fuge Public Art Project is underway

Work has started on the next round for the rotating outdoor gallery/construction trailer here along East First Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Here's more info via the Centre-Fuge website:

Cycle 19 is a collaborative effort by 10 artists, all of whom participated in a cycle on the trailer during 2015.

Artists represented in Cycle 19 are Andy Golub, Below Key, Hiss, Key Detail & Yu-Baba, Leon Rainbow, Pawn, Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Rez Shoalin, Smurfo, Vince Ballentine & Zero Productivity.

Established in 2012, Centre-fuge Public Art Project has re-purposed the DOT trailer into a rotating street gallery. Anyone has the opportunity to submit a mural proposal, in the form of a sketch, for an upcoming Cycle to be selected by our curators.

The goal of Centre-fuge is not only to re-beautify an incredible city, but also to encourage the community to express itself in a public forum, to alleviate and inspire, to express and reclaim. The project is dedicated in memory of friend, creator and Lower East Side neighbor, Mike Hamm. A recreation of Mike Hamm’s work is permanently installed on the eastern face of the trailer.

Once complete (the snow threw off their schedule), this will be on view through late April.

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