Wednesday, January 20, 2016

EV Grieve Etc.: Man arrested after following 12-year-old girl home; snow forecast hysteria

[Late afternoon yesterday on East 7th Street]

Man arrested after following 12-year-old girl to her East Village apartment, asking if he could hide inside (Daily News)

Deals via Jared Kushner: Puck Building condo price cut from $66 million to only $58.5 million! (Curbed)

Affordable housing for seniors eyed for Elizabeth Street Garden (DNAinfo)

A Cup & Saucer Luncheonette appreciation (The Lo-Down)

55-60 feet of snow expected this weekend, or it might rain (The New York Times)

Orchard Street down another hosiery shop (BoweryBoogie)

Report: Increased resident participation in city planning produces extreme wealth segregation (BoingBoing)


Anonymous said...

Snowsteria! A Blizzard for the Ages!

Giovanni said...

First it was the Oscars, now it's a big white snowstorm. #SnowstormSoWhite

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I've been hoarding bread and water all year in preparation.

Anonymous said...

I see the big snowball in the sky! It's COMING!!!

Makeout said...

The Penistrator gonna need an extra set of hands! & no- I'm busy.