Monday, January 25, 2016

PYT has closed on the Bowery after just 3 months

PYT — "Home of America's Craaaziest Burgers" — debuted on the Bowery last October. And despite a lot of opening publicity, PYT has closed. For rent signs now hang on the window here at 334 Bowery between Great Jones and Bond.

To date, there isn't any mention of the closure on the PYT social media properties.

This was the first NYC outpost of the Philadelphia burger place known for some pretty wacky creations. Like the Cocoa Krispies Chicken Burger. They also offered the $64 "Basquiat Burger," a misguided effort at paying homage to the neighborhood that BoweryBoogie described as an example of "utter cluelessness"

The space may officially be a doomed location. It was home to Forcella Bowery for nearly three years until November 2014 … only to be replaced in December 2014 by the tapas-friendly Espoleta, which closed six months later to make way for Gia Trattoria. They quickly closed. Then PYT arrived.

The adjacent space, the former SRO Pizza, is also for lease.

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Giovanni said...

Because New Yorkers really aren't as stupid as people from Philly.

Anonymous said...

Beer store!

Gojira said...

Bloodbath on the Bowery, but 21st century-style rather than 19th century-style.

Cocoa Krispie burgers, get outta here. Oh wait, I guess they already did.

Giovanni said...

Forget about Cocoa Krispie Burgers, just put a Krispie Kreme on the Bowery and watch the lines going around the block every Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

Twenty-four months of operating, utilities, taxes, salaries, fixins, this n' that...repeat. What's the point of a build out and launch if a small business can't last more than three to six months?

Churn n' burn!

Meantime, there seems to be no snow removal in front of the vacant properties!

Anonymous said...

When you sell food, even in a douche neighborhood you have to do it with an open heart or else you have no chance. Even those Empire Bizkit douches understand this to an extent. This PYT place reeked of insincerity from the start.

Ron said...

As a $144 burger card member, I went there once simply by luck since they're closed most days. I really thought the guys there are for real. They took all the front end profits from the cards and just ran. Now they're just common scam artists.