Friday, January 22, 2016

Report: Plans in the works to convert 650 E. 6th St. to condos

[Image via Google Street View]

There are big plans for this unassuming 4-story building at 650 E. Sixth St. between Avenue B and Avenue C.

Plans were filed this week for a 7-story building on the property that's closer to Avenue C.

Here's New York Yimby, who had the scoop on this development: "The 8,491-square-foot project will include 7,761 square feet of residential space, which means units will average 1,552 square feet apiece, indicative of condominiums."

Public records show that this building changed hands for $2.8 million in August 2013. The new owner is named East Village LLC in the filing.

As NYY noted, the "existing four-story, three-unit building must first be demolished."


Anonymous said...


MichaelAngztek said...

Squatters paradise

~evilsugar25 said...

That's my block. Sweet - luxury right across from the two giant semis parked there since sandy, providing "mobile heating" the projects that face c. and I'm dreading the demo construction that will inevitably start a few doors down where the two single-story buildings are. Now we'll have two major constructions on this block. Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Sandy report? Pretty sure this was ground zero.

Anonymous said...

Re: the mobile heating semis:

If this is a NYCHA building, then this is an ongoing crime against the taxpayers, who are paying for this welfare crap. If it's privately owner, the building owner should replace the boiler. If it's a NYCHA building, they should replace it rather than keep the outside boiler operation going. Why this stuff happens is a mystery.

Anonymous said...

The two giants semis parked will be gone by the end of the Spring.
It is privately owned
They won't be glassy Condos.
They will be East Village style buildings in respect of the neighborhood

Anonymous said...

The Semis are part of the building on the other side of the street on 6th and C