Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Report: Wi-Fi kiosks on 3rd Avenue ready for Internet action and smartphone charging

Several of the payphone-replacing Wi-Fi kiosks offering free gigabit Internet along Third Avenue are now fully operational, The Verge reports.

The network is still officially in beta, and the group anticipates some changes as the network expands, but the current version is significantly faster than many commercially available connections. A Verge test found both upload and download speeds faster than 300 Mbps.


Connecting to the network takes users to a login screen, where they are asked to provide their email. LinkNYC officials say emails are collected for informational purposes only and will not be sold or shared, in accordance with the system's privacy policy.

The location on Third Avenue and East 15th Street was the city's first. There's another Wi-Fi hub on Third Avenue and East 14th Street.


nygrump said...

Why are they trying to infect us with more cancer? Why do they insist on EVERY square inch of our bodies being bathed in a constant waves of electromagnetic pollution from 100's of sources at once? Its much like the problem with flouride - the Pentagon sent out propaganda specialists to ridicule anyone who suggested it was not perfectly 100% healthful.


Anonymous said...

$10 says nygrump smokes.

Anonymous said...

What problems do these things solve?

Giovanni said...

The only problem is that these kiosks only take quarters, so I was only able to illegally download half the internet before my time ran out.

Anonymous said...

This weekend's snow storm, the blizzard for the ages, that will put these puppies to the test!

Anonymous said...

They are all up on 3rd between 14-34th already

Eden Bee said...

Alien pods that's what these are. Distract us with porn and cats eating cheeseburgers oldest trick in the book.

Anonymous said...

Yes, with a guy-fi nearby, I can watch and stream blue movies and whip the willy. Still prefer the 25 cent booths in old TSQ, more privacy you know.

Anonymous said...

Collecting your email before logging in seems lame but otherwise nothing here to complain about.

Shawn said...

The World Health Organization has classification groups to determine if something causes cancer:

Group 1: yep, kills ya dead
Group 2A: probably kills you
Group 2B: we're really not sure
Group 3: Doesn't usually cause cancer
Group 4: Nope, doesn't cause cancer

Radiofrequency electromagnetic waves are in 2B. We're really not sure. So limit your dose, sure. But don't freak out.

Also, you need to know the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Look it up. FM, AM, radiowaves, microwaves, even visible light - it's all non-ionzing electromagnetic radiation, which doesn't have enough energy to cause any damage. But they're still looking into it to see if there are other mechanisms of action we don't know about.

Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Whoever came up with this idea, and whoever approved it, should be awarded a medal.

Richard said...

Engadget ran a more detailed hands-on description of the service with a bit more detail on its security precautions and privacy policies:


My general sense is that it sounds safer than the public wi-fi one might use in a coffee shop or train station or bus terminal. I'll be curious to give it a try sometime.