Monday, January 25, 2016

Morning slush hour

Astor Place outside the downtown 6 (though several other corners have a similar look).


Anonymous said...

What would it take to get our great Mayor
to do something about the Slush Lakes
that present themselves at every snowfall
or significant rain. A little more important
than how many Horse and Carriages
plod their way through Central Park.

I am sure there is some smart person out
there who can make money from such a
project. Money being the only thing, alas,
that makes things happen in this, much
loved, City of ours.

Anonymous said...

What, no location Grieve? Want to avoid 'that' corner!

EV Grieve said...

Oh! Astor Place. (I added the location.) There are/were many bad corners this morning, such as the southwest corner on Second Avenue and Fourth Street ... and the southeast corner on Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place...

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:31: I know, right? I never remember this being a problem until this mayor came in to office.

Anonymous said...

Scoop some of that up in cup, furtively pour in some al-key-hall from your flask, and you'll be feelin' alright in no time!

Anonymous said...

This is a problem for EMT as well, which the Mayor doesn't seem to realize. After all the sidewalks are walled in, and the crosswalks blocked, they can't get to emergencies. I witnessed just such a situation on Avenue Saturday evening. EMT were standing around, unable to get their gurney across a mountain of snow, but luckily NYCHA had resource to a backhoe (this was on Avenue D and 5th Street), to cut a path for the gurney. I wish this could be the case elsewhere as I just saw an elderly women struggle out of a senior center on 11th and A attempting to cross a blocked, slushy crosswalk.

I remember a few years back Bloomberg got the message and sent out workers to clear the crosswalks. But getting roads clear and not crosswalks isn't on De Blasio's agenda. He's a shit.

nygrump said...

I'll assure you 1:28, wet corners the days after a FUCKING RECORD SETTING BLIZZARD have been here long before the current mayor. I stepped around flooded corners for Bloomie and Ghoulie and Dinkins and Koch. There is no APP that will make snow magically go away especially after a FUCKING RECORD SETTING BLIZZARD.

Anonymous said...

@nygrump I think 1:28 is giving a sarcastic response to the first comment, the person who originally blamed the mayor