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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Kestrel maneuvers to rescue this fledging along Avenue B

Late last week, some residents discovered a kestrel stranded in a storefront on Avenue B between Sixth Street and Seventh Street. She was unable to get too far off the ground. (Thanks to Ali for the above pic!)

Ranger Rob (aka Rob Mastrianni, a Manhattan Ranger supervisor), who has a long history of East Village bird rescues (here and here, among many others), was called to the scene.
"She fledged a bit early and her tail and wing feathers weren't fully grown out," he told me. (He has an Instagram post on it here.)
The young kestrel is now in the capable hands of Bobby and Cathy Horvath at the Long Island-based Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation (WINORR). Once the kestrel has developed her flying skills, Ranger Rob will release the bird back safely into the 6th Street and Avenue B Community Garden.

He said that a kestrel family lives along here ... in fact, he released two fledglings here last year.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Ranger Rob comes to the rescue after Christo gets stuck between buildings on 7th Street

[Photo by Drew Heffron]

Last night, residents on Seventh Street between Avenue B and Avenue C noticed that a hawk was trapped in the airshaft between buildings on the block.

[Photo by Drew Heffron]

After a few emails that included Goggla, it was determined that this was Christo, the male resident red-tailed hawk of Tompkins Square Park. Christo was likely chasing a pigeon when he found himself unable to get back out. (His wingspan made it impossible to navigate the tight quarters.)

[Photo via @younglr]

After a few rescue attempts, one of the building's vigilant residents was able to track down Ranger Rob (aka Rob Mastrianni, a Manhattan Ranger supervisor). Turns out that Ranger Rob, who is also a musician, was performing at Caravan of Dreams on Sixth Street between Avenue A and First Avenue.

Ranger Rob arrived and had to figure out the best way to get to Christo (he also shared the photos below) ...

"It was a bit scary climbing into that space between the buildings," he told me. "Luckily someone let me in the basement and I climbed through a window."

And soon, Ranger Rob emerged with Christo...

"Christo was fierce, strong and had no signs of injury or sickness," said Ranger Rob, who brought Christo back to Tompkins Square Park. (Before releasing Christo, he spoke by phone with Bobby Horvath of the Long Island-based WINORR, the Wildlife In Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation, who helped him determine if the hawk was OK.)

Meanwhile, this morning, Steven saw Christo and Amelia — they are both doing well as mating season continues... these three photos are by Steven...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ranger Rob brings a new red-tailed hawk to Tompkins Square Park

Apparently there will be more than one hawklet to watch this summer in Tompkins Square Park.

This afternoon, Ranger Rob (aka Rob Mastrianni, a Manhattan Ranger supervisor) released a juvenile red-tailed hawk into Tompkins Square Park. He was assisted by Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Earlier this month, the hawklet was injured falling out of a nest on Flatbush Avenue. It was deemed too dangerous for the hawk to stay there.

Ranger Rob, an East Village resident, said that it's very likely that Christo and Dora, the adult red-tailed hawks of Tompkins Square Park, will adopt this one. (There isn't any shortage of food.)

The first three photos in this post are by Bobby Williams...

...and these photos via Steven show the hawklet adjusting to the new environment...

The hawk has also been tagged to help keep tabs on it...

Updated 10 p.m.

Goggla shares this photo of Ranger Rob with the juvenile hawk...

According to Ranger Rob, this hawk is a male... and given his Brooklyn roots, people watching this scene unfold started calling the hawk Flatbush...

Goggla has a lot of great pics here.